Icy Denver®

Leading company in the manufacturing, development and marketing of vests and jackets, jeans and footwear under the Icy Denver® brand. The company has its headquarters in Guadalajara Jalisco as a corporate office, 2 distribution centers León Guanajuato and Zacatecas, Zac. As well as 2 brand marketing offices in Los Angeles and Panama City.

Being authentic and innovative is the identity code of Icy Denver® since its founding in 2011. Today Icy Denver® is present in 25 states of the Mexican Republic, in countries such as the USA, Canada, 3 countries in Central America (Guatemala , Panama, Belize) and 6 in South America (Colombia, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil) with quality and authentic products, which are identified by their functionality with the most innovative trends in the world market giving an unmatched experience, hence its slogan Given Freedom®.